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Looking At Things To Do In PEI

There’s no question that Prince Edward Island (PEI) often gets overlooked from visitors who are trying to figure out where the best places in Canada are to visit, but they shouldn’t sleep on the smallest of all of Canada’s provinces. St. Dunstan’s Basilica is quite a site to see, Victoria Part is a popular waterfront park residents and visitors alike love in Charlottetown, and there are a variety of amazing sites and places to visit both in nature and in town.

So among all the things to do in PEI, what tops the list?

Enjoy The Confederation Trail

Created in the 1990s, when the rail routes were discontinued, the government decided to buy the tracks and work to convert them into trails that visitors and residents alike can enjoy. There are currently over 400 km of trails across the island, with more being added as the final 20% of tracks are being converted year by year as budget, planning, and progress allows. Perfect for nature adventurers and can even be a multi-week summer adventure if you want to tackle the whole thing.

Beaches & Lighthouses

One of the benefits of being an island is having that beachfront property. There are many beaches, plenty of lighthouses, and plenty to enjoy. Each beach has its own personality, and they can vary greatly in experience based on what part of PEI you are on.

History & Culture

There are things to do in PEI that focus on history and culture. The Green Gables (of “Anna of Green Gables” fame) are a beautiful area to visit and often go hand in hand with historic festivals, community theater productions, museums, and festivals. There is a strong sense of shared heritage, and pride in the uniqueness of Prince Edward Island, its people, its culture, and its history.

Confederation Centre Of The Arts

Among the many things to do in PEI, you should definitely take a look at the Confederation Centre of the Arts. This building is the pride and joy of the arts community in PEI and it is definitely worth a visit. Whether you’re a regular seeing if for the fifth time or a visitor wanting to get your burst of art and culture, this is the place.

For general PEI news you can also visit CBC.

There’s no question that there’s plenty to do on PEI, but if you start with this list you should have no problem finding plenty to do!